Finding Francis

January 22, 2017

...But First Find Tealpeak

Approaching Tealpeak's castle-tower-residence, where we expect to find … whatever remains … of his family member (nephew?)

After we search for traps and detect magic and find nothing, we try to bust it open.  The door was barred and looked like some…thing had tried to push it's way out.    Erik's Psion remembered that he can open locked doors.  There's an elevator inside but the ropes are busted.  Erik with spider climb boots tries to get the ropes pulled back to the top so we could climb.  It takes a few attempts my but eventually he manages to get the ropes set up in place again.

At the top, we discover a room behind door and hear someone screaming … but there are a lot of pathways and rooms

Erik the psion goes down an empty path, there's an empty room with a door in the back…

The room with the screaming has a person crawling around, harassed by 3 flying, screaming, outsider somethings putting out steam…

We save nephew from mephits.  He is a Cleric of Azuth.  His uncle signed a deal with a pit fiend demon Ibex the Pretender … skilled in deception.  The uncle signed a contract and the last two items were a terrible powerful book, the Incipia Hexthora… that the nephew thinks is here somewhere, and an ax of the "10th patriarch of xyz", which is a Dwarven clan only enough generations old to be currently led by the living 7th patriarch, so there is no ax of the 10th patriarch in existence ….

We hear noise upstairs and kill mephits in a bedroom.  We find clothes of cloth of gold and silver, a desk with paper and sealed vials of ink.  Small flat box in the last drawer, not trapped.  A "pair" of letters inside.  A bunch of Doppleganger hides delivered at great expense… Second was chest from the Dreaded Ship of Light from krehafnecook… contents include "holy path of the ethuthnikar", Paladin was killed… Church or Heironeus pissed… antipirating up… uh… you owe us a lot of money… meet rep in village of Torst on last day of Harvester, rep should come alone unarmed with funds.  Signed on 12th of Reaping on 566 Gianni Arresto.  This was all 30 years ago.

Doppleganger hides are often used in powerful illusion magic.  The book is a notable magic book and it is a "Good" magic book.

We explore the other rooms and there is nothing in them.

We find room with pool and runes on the wall.

The book has patches covering letters in the illuminated manuscript.  When peeled off they turn into metallic disks with the infernal runes.  We pull them all out of the book.  There are 4 runes… when you pull out the fourth rune the path on the floor with glowing runes is illuminated. 

Back to book in front of pool… it appears to be a Prayer book of Azuth…   it is an illuminated manuscript but the letters look like they peel off.  There are four spots in the book where when you peel the letter off, they turn into metal disks of internal runes.  When you peel them off they light up four spots on the floor, and the nephew says they spell "Ibex", the name of the demon…

Gloria finds a lot of vinegar and a little wine.  Nothing else interesting to search.

So now we have to investigate the pool.  Eventually we find and Gloria pulls a lever under the water level, so the water drains down and we ride in the boats like a downward elevator and finding a canal at the bottom that will eventually turn and open up into a larger space.  There is a central pillar, there are grunts and growls.  Water flows out of the pool like an infinity pool edge in a dome shaped space.   

With a good roll Maren the Psion finds a secret door with another canal path.  Leads to a work room with hexagonal walls.  There are 7 square cabins supported by pontoons and anchored by chains to tracks in ceiling.  Each cabin has a door.  There's a central with markings and levers with a platform ledge at the base of pillar.

The cabins seem to be like cells.  The pillar of levers that doesn't do anything has a hidden lever, and when Maren discovers it, the lever opens a door on the side of the pillar.  There's a shallow (one foot) pool of water and  shaft up inside the column.  But we can't figure out what the internal shaft is for.  Maren tries closing the door, and water starts rising.  The barbarian tries to break him out, and we manage to hold the door open long enough to get Maren out, the water inside the column keeps rising.

We go back to central room and Maren and Josh Monk go up the central column .. there's water pouring out, and sets of eyes on the inside.   Killed a bunch of water ogres.

We find a safe place to rest.










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