Finding Francis

March 15, 2016

To kill a Mephit

Gathering into the boats to finish going back upstream.

We see torches glowing under the water, which is quite clear, along with a mosaic of the symbol of Azuth, God of Knowledge.   The water isn't too deep, so after we spot … something else … next to each torch.  So Madeleine goes into the water and sees it's some kind of locking mechanism.

We use the staff we found with the body to unlock them one by one, and there's a rumbling.  The mosaic looms as the mosaic rises and cuts off the the tunnel, then without water to fill it in upstream, the tunnel starts to drain.  We see a mechanisms on the plinth, and test to see if it makes it go back down.  It does, but now we can't make it go up again.

So we continue downstream.   We come to a large triangular room, with dry tile floor, 10 unlit lanterns, faded inscription, and three statues of warriors with swords held over books.  

The first statue has a seam around the pommel of the sword.  Second statue has similar marks, as does the third.  The sword is aligned for a downward stab, and the pommel can be moved around a little.  

The lanterns all seem the same, so we light the one on the far left.    It explodes, but Scott is immune.  They all do the same thing.

We pull a pommel off, and a blue beam comes out.  We go to another statue and find a violet one, and then the last one has a red lantern.  We try to shine the lights on the books in front of the statues, but nothing shows up.  

We get back in the boats and go downstream.  Eventually we find a hexagonal room, with a statue that looks like it would hold something.  If you put the red lantern in her hand, it hits a spot on the wall.  Different lanterns hit different spots, so we start with the red one and go downstream.

We go downstream and look at the spot where the lantern hits.  At the spot the red light hits, we see two triangles with symbols in them, but we're not sure what they are.  The boat of three goes up to try the blue one and see what it does… it illuminates more tiles..  The violet one illuminates a blank piece of wall.

We continue downstream to another hexagonal room.  Again there's a statue with a hand out.  Send one boat downstream to look for spots while upstream boat changes lantern.  Red is blank, blue points out tiles, violet points out tiles

3rd room, third lady statue.  More tiles.

Fourth room is cylindrical with big ceiling.  Another canal runs across, with tiled platforms in each section, and there are shelves, pillars, runes, scrolls…  At the entrance there is a seam that runs around the circumference.  The shelves were poorly constructed, don't seem to be built for moisture.  We find an alcove with a shape that would fit six triangular tiles.   We fit 6 of our twelve tiles into a matching pattern, and then the room flips over.  We manage to get into the middle and into the "other side" so we're not drowned.

In the first of the flipped rooms we find 8 pillar, many shelf cubbies, but 12 cubbies have wooden panels oiled to resist water.  Sorceress uses detect magic, and they are all evocation.  There seem to be pins in the corners of the panels that we could try to pull out.

On the third try/third door Madeleine finds the trap, tries to disarm it.  That doesn't go well, but she reflex saves for no damage!  There are two potions inside.   Madeleine tries to unwrap them all, and the Barbarian opens them all… there are four more potions in the door.

And the Naga appears on the other side … it webs most of the group and runs away.  Madeleine sets the monk on fire just a little to free the door.  The floors start to tilt again

Madeleine uses torch to free sorceress from the web.  Barbarian goes into another room, thinks about trying to pull open those cubbies and deal with the explosions.  The first door he finds a book and hands it to the psion to keep dry.

Gloria finds a room with stuff written on the wall … "don't take more than your mind may hold…"

The Barbarian opens one more door and finds a wand.  

We try to get back to the "dry" side as it's rotating again.

The book is magical, but blank.

On the other side we discover the tiles are gone, and the Naga comes out.  A couple pot shots, and then a lightning bolt comes out and hits several.  Sorceress "dodges" with a high/low roll on LOS inclusion, Monk evades, Madeleine takes a hit, and the Ranger drops.

The psion blows the last of his points, and the Barbarian takes it down.  We search underwater, and gut the Naga, and Madeleine elbow deep in guts does find the tiles in the Naga.  After one last check for secret doors, we decide we need to rest, and in the morning we will flip the floor again (we hope) and search the other side of the rooms tomorrow!




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