Finding Francis

September 5, 2016

Everyone received an invitation to visit Longfellows, a new establishment outside of Waterdeep on the caravan trail.  "Indiana Smith's Adventuring Outfitters – Under New Management"

Statue of Merelith Demon and 4 of 6 arms are holding weapons, has clothing, books, potions, jewelry, wondrous items, weapons, armor, a supply room, current display case, office, and stairs up…  No immediate signs of evil items.

Upstairs has an unlocked door with a bell…  Henry comes out.  This place will be called "Longfellows" … Plenty of double entendre.

Henry has heard a story of a city a week's travel away having issues… There used to be a notable wizard (Tealpeak) there but no one has heard from him.  Have been sightings of animals (Marrow attacks – aquatic ogres) harassing people.  There is a church of Azuth to talk to.  The weirdness is timed to the disappearance of the wizard, so there may be magic related.  Henry claims that his interest is in expanding his business.  Wants to help establish a network and will pay a percentage. Will give discounts.

Sarah looks for magic,  he really does have some decent magical items.  The building itself is enchanted… With evocation.

Gloria's character has a speed problem…

Walking largely along the road, while Gloria scouts in the woods alongside/ahead, giving bird whistle updates.

Gloria talks down a Dire Boar, and we slaughter an Owlbear.

We come upon the town…  In a hilly region, large hill where the wizard is expected to live.

Tealpeak lived in the castle on the mountain for about 10 years.  Nobody had seen him much in 2-3 years, though he had been tight with local clerics at church of Azuth (Demigod of mages) .  Relationship soured…  Locals think the troubles having of late come from the mountain… But nobody wants to go see what happened.  The troubles lately have been the roving bands of monsters (gryphons on the mountains for awhile earlier on, then Marrow water ogres…)  General foreboding.

Off to the temple …   A few years ago wizard went missing, but 5-6 months ago someone claiming to be a relative of the wizard went up to the castle.  Wizard was probably a summoner.  Relative seemed nice enough… Hoped for fortune.  Relative's name was Darren – 20's … Very average.






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