Finding Francis

April 9, 2017

Now that we got that Nagahide...

First, start with looking at the book we found… but it's just a blank spell book.

So we put the tiles back, and flip the room again.  We have time to do a more careful search.  Three of four rooms seem similar with cabinets; the fourth room had the inscription warning for "Don't take more than your mind can hold".  Starting searching the inscription room.  Madeleine tries to disarm them but fail

4 scrolls; 5 spell books of reasonable quality;  6 potions

3 diamonds (yet to be appraised – Madeleine thinks they are pretty good quality – 2 are 500 gap value, one is 800 gold value) and a bag of coin equalling 270 gold…

New room:  All the traps go off.  This finishes the room that the Barbarian had started to open.  We already had the book and wand.  We find 7 scrolls in bone scroll cases with wax seals.  We find 15 large books.  Examine the books.  They are all written by Tealpeak… treatises on how to use herbs to restore beauty.  

One last room (we are allowing the Barbarian to roll opposed diplomacy before he opens the door to see if he'll ask for more money).  We hear a voice saying we've done well, but we should leave the treasure and exit the dungeon now.  We continue to open doors  and taunt him. Monk and Ranger sneak in … Monk grapples Spitwing, but Spitwing uses Suggestion to get him to let him go…  Ranger doesn't manage to stick him on his way out, and Spitwing dives into the water.  Monk jumps into the water to look for him… 

Selethia Ranger gives chase into the water, stabs and misses. Psion and Barbarian give chase.  Eventually he surrenders.  We bind him up, and gag him so he doesn't do a suggestion.  

We finish searching the trapped cabinets, and find lots and lots of books.  Many are written by Tealpeak.  6 books of poetry, and romantic novellas featuring a lusty young she-dwarf named Lela.  There is a treatise on painting written by an artist dedicated to TEalpeak; 15 scrollcases containing amateurish paintings (kindling…); a satchel with oil paints and six brushes.  There are 5 ledgers detailing deals Tealpeak had with state official, local merchants, etc, where there were monetary purchases and promises or land, weapons, soldiers, daughters, and culinary delicacies that Tealpeak had promised people.  There is also a finally crafted, wax sealed, gold box.  We detect evocation magic, but Madeleine can't find the trap.  The monk probably has the best evasion… can mage hand open it?                           

The psion uses knock, which releases a lightning bolt … inside is a book that looks like the Principae Hextorae.  (The gold box will go into the bag of holding as treasure at least!).  With detect magic we find that the book has the same evil aura.  For now we keep this new book out of the bag of holding.                   

We take Spitwing back to the moss guy, who throws him in a chest.  We go back to the front.

We summon Ibex.  We tell Ibex he needs to allow Tealpeak's nephew to at least go into town with a wider perimeter.  We "reluctantly" give him the book from the library in the fancy gold box.  The pit fiend recognizes the Psion as Marion Ord, and says someone even more powerful is looking for him.

We toss the book into the pool, and Ibex receives it.  We leave…  Outside on the edge of town, Darren the nephew falls unconscious and there's an earthquake.  The nephew feels better when he comes to, and it feels like something has changed, the contract is gone.  So we try to rush the nephew across the other side to test the border, and we find no problems.

We promise to turn the evil book in to the temple or destroy it.  On the way back we encounter something … large.  It appears to be a Dire Bear.  Selethia/Ranger jumps out to try wild empathy.  (Note to Gloria … book says it's a D20, your sheet says it's a D10… But it takes a minute.  Successs!  The dire bear shambles off …





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