Finding Francis

February 26, 2017
Anything worse than Ogres here?

Getting ready to head back to the "prison room" as the most defensible room for a long rest.

Scott wants to see if the Ogres taste lightning-y and munches on ogre during the first shift.  Watch orders: Scott + Sarah; Gloria + Josh; Molly + Erik.

From main room: tunnel we came in, secret passage, and outlet.  

The Psion manages to convince the fighter and ranger that it's not a good idea to just kill the nephew.  We try to talk to him to get more life story out of him and have chances to sense motive.  (Our evidence is that the nephew got sick when we tried to pull him out of the tower … so that's what makes him "trapped" here.)  The church of Azuth and the family generally wouldn't approve of the deal with a demon, but they are very interested in magic and sometimes those interests end up in places like this.

40' in it splits into two paths.   Going left first, 50yds later opens into a small pond with a few landings, 3 "rooms" have doors (2 on right, one farther down on left).

Two large carvings of wyverns, one medusa looking at herself in a mirror, and 3 statues of a wizard.  There seems to be a familial resemblance.  On the mages statues – two are holding a staff, one is not… but it looks like at one point it was holding something.  They do really appear to be worked stone, not Medusa victims.  

First room is fairly empty, and newish/well maintained with mortared floors and walls.    Floor sounds oddly hollow.  There are a number of the odd ringing spots.

The Barbarian gets impatient and bashes through one, and there is a broken bottle underneath, that nephew says was probably a potion before we broke it.  There are about 20 spots in here…  

More vials with seals.. one has something to do with fire.  We decide it's worthwhile to open them all.  25% empties, total of 14 bottles, with 7 different symbols.

Next door.   Takes two attempts but Madeleine opens the lock.  Gloria in first … nicely tiled floor, covered in crates and barrels.  Searching the room, there's a table on the wall near the canal with a skeleton's body laid out in roughly human proportions.  Dressed in fine gold linen, wearing obsidian crown and staff across his chest.  Could this be Tealpeak?  The body doesn't seem to magical or have anything else magical.  There's a crate in the back with some kind of magic aura from a thing in it that appears to have evocation magic, not friendly.    Everyone else hides in the boat, and the Barbarian opens the crate.  There are bottles in there too labeled as whiskey.  There is a lead box beneath (briefcase size).  The box is air-tight. After Madeleine unlocks it, monk opens it … there is a large book with a piece of paper on it.  The cover says "Principea Hextorae"… we put the book, still in the lead box into the bag of holding.

The note says: "Ha! Ha! Ha! I tricked you, you stupid human.  Now the great one likes me more than you!  You thought you could thought you could fool him, but I fooled you instead.  You should never mess with people that are smarter than you.  That would be like taking a book from the library that wasn't already in a box.  I can't wait to start bossing YOU around for a change!  … <signed> Spitwing".  (The book Ibex is looking for is the Principia Hextorae.)

Take the obsidian crown, a staff with a strange brass fitting at the bottom with three small pegs.  We tie the bones in the clothing for burial later and take them too.  

There's a crate hiding a small hole in the wall, 1' square opening that opens into something bigger… like some kind of burrow.  Maybe the mephits could fit in there?  Scoop out pile of 50 platinum, 25 gold, and 6 diamonds worth 250 each with mage hand.  (337.5 gold pieces per person).  Erik sends a psi-crystal down the hole to look around.  Might have been a tunnel made from removing ore or something.  Eventually it gets to another room, maybe a library?  But it's large, not the study we found the nephew in originally.   It's not in very good repair, but a canal does still run through it.  In the room there is a very large greenish snake (over 20') with a very ugly humanoid head.  it stays in or near the water.  Based on that description it's a form of Naga.  Naga are usually poisonous and often have magical abilities.

Back in the rest of the room, there are 6 owlbear hides, the next crate has blue dragon hide, which we take with us, some non-magical weapons, including 6 silver daggers, 2 long swords with rubies in hilts, 3 bronze shields with engravings of tigers and leopards.  Inspecting barrels, have various liquors or wines.  

On to the next room behind an open arch.  It's some kind of lab.  Tables, crates, chairs… and there are lit torches on the walls.  There's a table with papers, a candle, green liquid in a bottle which appears to be a Neutralize Poison potion.  There's overturned glassware and spilled things, and a stench of sulfur.  

Papers were notes of some kind … some shredded … at least two kinds of handwriting, one of which is not legible.  In the drawers there are 5 more unidentified potion bottles that are cures. Taking the incomprehensible papers with us to read later.

Next room has shears, sickles, lumber … there is one box full of ordinary shears, and one set made of obsidian.  There's a door in the back.  There is a small cot. 

Used spell: Comprehend Languages on the notes – appears to be diary notes from something frustrated by "stupid humans" and that "it doesn't work"…

Erik sends psi-crystal down, finds some kind of ornate greenhouse lit by magical means, and the apparent terminus of the waterway..

At the water terminus, there is a staircase that goes up to a platform with four ends.  It's overgrown.  More specialty plants.  A lot of it would be used for use in spells, potions, etc.  We find one extremely rare/unidentified plant that we take a sample from.

Back in boats to go back upstream to the Y.

Find another room like the one the water ogres were in, but this "column" goes all the way up to the ceiling closed, and there's no way in.  Nothing else in the room that we find.

Coming out of the room we spring a trap that grabs the boats and dumps us out into a pit … where we are not alone.  Blue hag troll monster thing.  There's a stone island in the middle… there's some kind of prison cell bars along one side that might be climbable.  Barbarian hits it hard.  Psion shoots fire energy.  Gloria stabs at it, Madeleine stabs at it.  Monk whiffs, and Sorceress magic missiles and it's unconscious.  Barbarian picks it up over his head so Psion can kill it with fire blast.    Monk gets a rope set up.  We start trying to climb out.

We're all just about out, waiting for Barbarian to climb out, when Monk gets attacked by a piranha! Psion runs over to where the boats are hooked up, and then teleport swaps location with the Barbarian.  Monk puts his other rod up next to the first and jumps up on them like parallel bars.  Madeleine gets bitten by a fish.  She cures herself, and then climbs in the boat.  Ranger tries to get in the boat, is nauseous, but makes it in.  Eventually everyone gets into a boat, the pit fills with water and we go get the monk.











January 22, 2017
...But First Find Tealpeak

Approaching Tealpeak's castle-tower-residence, where we expect to find … whatever remains … of his family member (nephew?)

After we search for traps and detect magic and find nothing, we try to bust it open.  The door was barred and looked like some…thing had tried to push it's way out.    Erik's Psion remembered that he can open locked doors.  There's an elevator inside but the ropes are busted.  Erik with spider climb boots tries to get the ropes pulled back to the top so we could climb.  It takes a few attempts my but eventually he manages to get the ropes set up in place again.

At the top, we discover a room behind door and hear someone screaming … but there are a lot of pathways and rooms

Erik the psion goes down an empty path, there's an empty room with a door in the back…

The room with the screaming has a person crawling around, harassed by 3 flying, screaming, outsider somethings putting out steam…

We save nephew from mephits.  He is a Cleric of Azuth.  His uncle signed a deal with a pit fiend demon Ibex the Pretender … skilled in deception.  The uncle signed a contract and the last two items were a terrible powerful book, the Incipia Hexthora… that the nephew thinks is here somewhere, and an ax of the "10th patriarch of xyz", which is a Dwarven clan only enough generations old to be currently led by the living 7th patriarch, so there is no ax of the 10th patriarch in existence ….

We hear noise upstairs and kill mephits in a bedroom.  We find clothes of cloth of gold and silver, a desk with paper and sealed vials of ink.  Small flat box in the last drawer, not trapped.  A "pair" of letters inside.  A bunch of Doppleganger hides delivered at great expense… Second was chest from the Dreaded Ship of Light from krehafnecook… contents include "holy path of the ethuthnikar", Paladin was killed… Church or Heironeus pissed… antipirating up… uh… you owe us a lot of money… meet rep in village of Torst on last day of Harvester, rep should come alone unarmed with funds.  Signed on 12th of Reaping on 566 Gianni Arresto.  This was all 30 years ago.

Doppleganger hides are often used in powerful illusion magic.  The book is a notable magic book and it is a "Good" magic book.

We explore the other rooms and there is nothing in them.

We find room with pool and runes on the wall.

The book has patches covering letters in the illuminated manuscript.  When peeled off they turn into metallic disks with the infernal runes.  We pull them all out of the book.  There are 4 runes… when you pull out the fourth rune the path on the floor with glowing runes is illuminated. 

Back to book in front of pool… it appears to be a Prayer book of Azuth…   it is an illuminated manuscript but the letters look like they peel off.  There are four spots in the book where when you peel the letter off, they turn into metal disks of internal runes.  When you peel them off they light up four spots on the floor, and the nephew says they spell "Ibex", the name of the demon…

Gloria finds a lot of vinegar and a little wine.  Nothing else interesting to search.

So now we have to investigate the pool.  Eventually we find and Gloria pulls a lever under the water level, so the water drains down and we ride in the boats like a downward elevator and finding a canal at the bottom that will eventually turn and open up into a larger space.  There is a central pillar, there are grunts and growls.  Water flows out of the pool like an infinity pool edge in a dome shaped space.   

With a good roll Maren the Psion finds a secret door with another canal path.  Leads to a work room with hexagonal walls.  There are 7 square cabins supported by pontoons and anchored by chains to tracks in ceiling.  Each cabin has a door.  There's a central with markings and levers with a platform ledge at the base of pillar.

The cabins seem to be like cells.  The pillar of levers that doesn't do anything has a hidden lever, and when Maren discovers it, the lever opens a door on the side of the pillar.  There's a shallow (one foot) pool of water and  shaft up inside the column.  But we can't figure out what the internal shaft is for.  Maren tries closing the door, and water starts rising.  The barbarian tries to break him out, and we manage to hold the door open long enough to get Maren out, the water inside the column keeps rising.

We go back to central room and Maren and Josh Monk go up the central column .. there's water pouring out, and sets of eyes on the inside.   Killed a bunch of water ogres.

We find a safe place to rest.








September 5, 2016

Everyone received an invitation to visit Longfellows, a new establishment outside of Waterdeep on the caravan trail.  "Indiana Smith's Adventuring Outfitters – Under New Management"

Statue of Merelith Demon and 4 of 6 arms are holding weapons, has clothing, books, potions, jewelry, wondrous items, weapons, armor, a supply room, current display case, office, and stairs up…  No immediate signs of evil items.

Upstairs has an unlocked door with a bell…  Henry comes out.  This place will be called "Longfellows" … Plenty of double entendre.

Henry has heard a story of a city a week's travel away having issues… There used to be a notable wizard (Tealpeak) there but no one has heard from him.  Have been sightings of animals (Marrow attacks – aquatic ogres) harassing people.  There is a church of Azuth to talk to.  The weirdness is timed to the disappearance of the wizard, so there may be magic related.  Henry claims that his interest is in expanding his business.  Wants to help establish a network and will pay a percentage. Will give discounts.

Sarah looks for magic,  he really does have some decent magical items.  The building itself is enchanted… With evocation.

Gloria's character has a speed problem…

Walking largely along the road, while Gloria scouts in the woods alongside/ahead, giving bird whistle updates.

Gloria talks down a Dire Boar, and we slaughter an Owlbear.

We come upon the town…  In a hilly region, large hill where the wizard is expected to live.

Tealpeak lived in the castle on the mountain for about 10 years.  Nobody had seen him much in 2-3 years, though he had been tight with local clerics at church of Azuth (Demigod of mages) .  Relationship soured…  Locals think the troubles having of late come from the mountain… But nobody wants to go see what happened.  The troubles lately have been the roving bands of monsters (gryphons on the mountains for awhile earlier on, then Marrow water ogres…)  General foreboding.

Off to the temple …   A few years ago wizard went missing, but 5-6 months ago someone claiming to be a relative of the wizard went up to the castle.  Wizard was probably a summoner.  Relative seemed nice enough… Hoped for fortune.  Relative's name was Darren – 20's … Very average.




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